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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

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DBT is a type of therapy that merges Zen philosophy with behavioral science to create a central "dialectic" of acceptance and change.  Dialectics is based upon the concept that everything is composed of opposites and that change can occur when the opposite force is stronger than the other.  This is an active, skill-based therapy developed and researched by Dr. Marsha Linehan and her colleagues over 30 years ago.  DBT strives to decrease interpersonal chaos, unpredictable moods and impulsive decision making. 

One fundamental element is mindfulness - the ability to focus our attention as we choose and remain in the present moment.  This beneficial skill is not easily completed in the demanding, chaotic lives many of us lead.  DBT also works to develop skills related to distress tolerance (how to manage anxiety and get through a crisis without making things worse); emotion regulation (how to identify and manage powerful emotional states while reducing vulnerability); and interpersonal effectiveness (how to develop and maintain strong rewarding bonds with others, preserve self-respect and achieve one's own needs). 

DBT encourages individuals to construct a life worth living.  While DBT was initially developed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder , this approach and adaptions have been proven effective in treating a wide range of concern areas.  If you feel that DBT would be beneficial for you, please contact us to discuss further.