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Common Questions about Therapy

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What can I expect at our first meeting?

Our first meeting will begin with me asking you about the concerns that bring you to therapy.  We will discuss a number of aspects of your life which will allow me to understand you as a unique person.  Because choosing a therapist is an important and often difficult decision, I will invite you to share any questions or concerns you might have.  We will then come to an understanding of your main concerns and goals, clarify your options and work together to develop a plan. 

How long will I be in therapy?

Length of counseling varies depending on a number of factors.  While some Individuals benefit from long-term therapy, many are seen for brief periods of time.  Often, People conclude therapy when the presenting concerns have been resolved.  We will periodically evaluate, together, your readiness to step out of therapy.  A number of clients return to counseling, at various points in their life, to work through issues that arise as a result of the stressors and life transition. 

What if I don't have clear goals?

Having only a vague sense of being "stuck" is a common situation that often brings people in for individual, family or marriage counseling.  Therapy can help when were unable to use our own available resources or benefit from the support or input of those around us.  Having no clear goal should not discourage you from giving therapy a try.  So often I have found that this is a very fruitful place to begin!

Will therapy be helpful for me?

People make the decision to seek counseling for a number of reasons.  A few common concerns are anxiety, managing daily stressors, life transitions, relationship and family concerns, and low mood.  Most of my clients have reported counseling to be beneficial.  Therapy is most successful when an individual enters therapy with a strong desire to improve some aspect of their life.  Do you have an area of your life that is no longer working?  Is it preventing you from being happy and meeting your human potential?  If so, therapy would likely be beneficial for you.  The process of therapy is most successful when experienced in a safe and supportive environment.  I take great pride in providing this type of setting.

If my prior therapy didn't help, should I try it again?

If your previous experiences meeting with a therapist have failed to help you achieve meaningful change, you may be wondering whether it's worth your time, energy, and resources to try again with a different therapist.  A good portion of success in counseling is contingent on your comfort level with the therapist.  Oftentimes, a less than ideal experience in counseling can be attributed to the therapists style and approach not being a good fit.  Empirical studies have noted that treatment "failure" is frequently followed by treatment success when meeting with another, more suitable, therapist.  Each relationship between client and clinician is unique.  Every new therapeutic relationship offers the opportunity to resolve long-standing challenges and achieve long desired goals.  Even if you have not found psychotherapy to be helpful in the past, the right clinician, for you, can be a powerful ally in helping you take profound steps toward change.

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