I gravitated towards this field because of a strong desire to accompany others on a path of self- exploration and change.  While each client seeks therapy for their own unique and personal reasons, the idea of growth is always at the core.  It would be my pleasure to walk along side of you on this journey into transformation.


Being in a committed relationship can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, yet at times challenges us in unique ways.  At it's best, It is a safe and loving place to be yourself, flourish, and express your vulnerabilities.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT is a type of Zen philosophy blended with behavioral science designed to create a central "dialectic" of acceptance and change.   

Why Couples Counseling?

What is DBT?

  Overcoming  Depression




Depression can sap you of all your precious energy,  It can make you forget that you ever felt good or different from the depressed feeling.  Psychotherapy has been proven to assist with depression, improving mood. 

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Chair to Chair Counseling

Robert Feragotti, MS, LPC

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Common Questions about therapy

What Can I expect from our first meeting?


 Our first meeting will begin with me asking you about the concerns that bring you into counseling.  We will discuss a number of aspects of your life which will allow me to understand you as a unique person.  Because choosing a therapist is an important and often difficult decision, I will invite you to share any questions or concerns that you might have...